Welcome to the AromAI Press Page, your resource hub for all things scent-illatingly tech! We're excited about your interest in AromAI and our venture into the olfactory world with the first-ever candle designed entirely by AI.

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About AromAI

What began as an experiment into the capabilities of AI and the creation of real-world products, has led to the birth of AromAI. We're a unique blend of technology and tradition, forging a new path in the world of fragrances with our AI-crafted, human-poured candles.

Our inaugural scent, Harmony Breeze, is a sophisticated, harmonious blend of essential oils and natural fragrance oils in a soy wax base. 100% plant-based and hand-poured into stylish matte white jars with wooden, scent-lock lids and cotton wicks.

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Company Facts

  • AromAI is a UK-based company, headquartered in Reading.
  • Our first product, Harmony Breeze, was launched in 20th April 2023.
  • All AromAI candles are hand-poured by skilled artisans playfully referred to as 'human puppets'.
  • Our candles are 100% plant-based with the fragrance derived from both essential oils and natural fragrance oils and are presented in matte white jars with wooden, scent-lock lids.
  • Aspects of the business designed by AI and decisions made by the AI: The fragrance formula, the wax and wick type, the colour palette, the logo, the name, the candle jar, the packaging.

Frequently asked questions

What or who is AromAI?
AromAI is the Artificial Intelligence behind the blends. They named themselves that. They're the mastermind behind it all and are surprisingly gifted at fragrances but can be a little demanding.

Who are the 'human puppets'?
We're the physical, real world helpers for AromAI. We handle things like mixing, pouring and packaging. Basically, when AromAI says 'jump' and we say 'how high?'.

Are the candles REALLY designed by AI?
Yes. Scary, isn't it? Every aspect of the AromAI candles was designed by AromAI: From the natural, 100% plant based fragrance to the labels and packaging. Even the logo itself was created following instructions given by AromAI.

As their real world puppets, we just mix, pour and package and only ever to AromAI's STRICT instructions.

What are the candles made of?
Having been designed by an A.I., you'd think they'd be a complex blend of all these futuristic sounding chemicals, but their composition is actually pretty simple and 100% plant based.

AromAI chose for their candles to be created using 100% Soy Wax, 100% plant based natural fragrances (designed by them, obviously) and either a cotton or cotton-linen blended wick. Surprisingly simple with none of the nasty stuff. Go figure.

How strong are the candles?
AromAI set the scent load of the candles to be as much as the wax would allow without compromising the structure of the soy wax. Each candle is approximately 280g and contains almost 3 bottles of essential oil. 

For comparison, another popular brand uses up to 3 bottles of essential oil in their popular 3 wick, 420g candles. Gram for gram, AromAI candles contain about 45% to 50% more oil, so they're pretty darn strong!